George Carlin – Archive Interview Part 4 of 7

In Part 4 of this 7-part interview for the Archive of American Television, (see the complete interview at ),George Carlin discusses his appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, how he edited his material for television, how his “world changed” through several appearances on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”; he comments on and refutes the criticism he received for “cashing in on the hippie craze”; his final appearance at the Copacabana (and how he got fired); his first gig to …

the truth on FEMA camps and trains pt.5

, this is no joke anymore, this is no conspiracy anymore, this is real life. spread these videos and any videos in my database you can! thank you all! pt.5 … illuminati proof nwo new world order 911 footage inside job david icke alex jones FEMA coffins camps prisons concentration germany nazi 1939 2009 america goverment obama barack joe biden trains huge mind control brain wash subliminal messages mason masonic 33degree skull and bones society george bush edf politics cnn fox abc all …

Texas Sen. John Whitmire on Alex Jones Tv 1/2:Criminal Asset Forfeiture !!

Alex talks with Senator John Whitmire from Houston’s District 15 about SB 1529, a bill addressing criminal asset forfeiture.

Freezone with Ben Stewart – 4 of 9

11 April 2009 *Freeman* Oracle Broadcasting – The FreeZone Website Blog http Myspace YouTube *Ben Stewart* Website – Talismanic Idols … Oracle Broadcasting FreeZone Freeman Perspective freemantv Ben Stewart Esoteric Agenta Kymatica Talismanic Idols