1’5 Dec.24 Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix 2009

In December, All That’s Past, We Remember: “Midwinter’s Crossing, Drawing Near, Brings Hope to Some, For Others Fear, Elated Elitists, Sensing Pyramid Capped, Knowing Great Majority will Adapt, Abandon Free Will for Subjugation, While Wise Men Watch in Consternation, Yet Remain Firm in their Conviction, No Freedom for Safety is Contradiction, The Trick of Tyrants Through the Ages, History Warns by Word of Sages, As Sun Fights to Rise on the Third Day, Chorus is Freedom, Stand Up and Say” Topics of show covered in following links: Police Mount Cameras on Headgear www.mercurynews.com EU Parliament has Big Plans to Snoop on All Citizenry www.dailymail.co.uk Dennis Meadows, economist, on Population Reducing www.spiegel.de Dennis Meadows-Wiki en.wikipedia.org Senate Passes Health reform Bill www.washingtonpost.com Farcical Cost of Green Power www.timesonline.co.uk New US Spy Plane www.bloomberg.com

John Lear: UFO Secrets Revealed Pt.12

www.thelivingmoon.com In his first interview with George Noory, retired airline pilot John Lear spoke on a variety of topics which included his experiences as a pilot, nasa’s secret space missions, and life on other planets. A fourth astronaut died in the Apollo 1 fire of 1967 but the reason it wasn’t made public was because he belonged to the “secret astronaut corps,” Lear claimed, based on information he received from a “true insider” (now deceased). This secret program actually started going to the moon in 1962 and landed on Mars in 1966, apparently using covert antigravity technology, he continued. Publicized space missions such as the Shuttle are actually a cover-up for what is really going on, added Lear. Also kept from the public, is the fact that there is life similar to ours on most of the planets in our solar system, he declared. For instance, Mars has a population of 660 million (mostly underground) and Venus is actually “green and beautiful.” Further, the sky is blue on both Mars and our Moon, Lear said. Earth, he asserted, is a “farm for harvesting souls,” and when people die their souls travel to the moon where they are processed by a huge machine (likely the miles-high “glass tower” spotted by Richard C. Hoagland in NASA photos) that erases their memory and eventually sends them back to Earth to be reincarnated. Lear’s controversial disclosure briefing from 2003 was replayed during the show. He now believes that MJ-12 appears to want UFO/alien disclosure to take place, but seeks to put their own less-than-truthful spin on it. www.greatdreams.com


“The subversive use of sacred symbolism is rife actually and one only has to go look, open your eyes and as Michael Tsarion says, it is there for the world to see and of course as you all know the best place to put something you dont want others to see, is right under their noses… Watch and learn why the youth of today are so delinquent and why over 70% of the products we buy have names that mean nothing in English. Learn of the Occult techniques used by corporations and goverments to manipulate and control human minds.”