People Pissed Off At Richard Dawkins

There’s something about Richard Dawkins that seems to rub some folks the wrong way.

5’5 Nov 18 Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix 2009

You’ll All Sorry Be in Allowing Big Brother Authority: “Welcome to 21st Century Laboratory, Like Rats in Training to Obey all Authority, From Cradle to Grave, Government the New Saviour, Watching for Signs of Anti-Social Behaviour, You’d Never have Known of Their Interest in You As They Pore Your Life Over, Everything that You Do, Even Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, Environmentally Correct, Is Minutely Inspected for Thoughts Deemed Suspect, Nothing is Missed, Even Parents it Seems, Who May Pass Independence to Offspring’s Genes, Nations’ Family Homes Must be Open to Inspection, The Jackboot is Swinging, We Know its Direction” Topics of show covered in following links: “Queen’s Speech: ban on mobile phones in jail” [Queen’s Speech brings More State Powers] by Richard Ford ( – Nov. 18, 2009. “Health and safety snoops to enter family homes” [Power to Enter all Family Homes] by Robert Watts ( – Nov. 15, 2009. “Arnold Schwarzenegger visits Iraq – and aims to transfer military tactics to California” [PR article on Actor Schwarzenneger – Wants Military Tactics used at Home] by Oliver August ( – Nov. 16, 2009. “Army tapes reveal motive in Iraq prisoner killings” [CNN – US Soldiers Execute Prisoners] by Abbie Boudreau and Scott Zamost ( – Nov. 17, 2009. “Carbon Insurance For Your Car May Be Down The Road” [Green Gas Taxes at Pumps] by Terry Tamminen

The Freeman Perspective with Michael Tsarion Part 2/7

Freeman interviews alternative historian and best selling author, Michael Tsarion on the origins of Atlantis and its effect on the world today. Learn of the portals opened through ancient magical rites and how the secret societies pay homage to ancient Atlantis with the death of millions