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2/12 Blogtalk Round Table Stewart Best Larry Taylor Stan Deyo LA Marzulli – JAN 11

CLICK HERE FOR EASY PLAYLIST www.youtube.com Matthew 24:8 But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs Blogtalk Spitfire Radio 1-11-11 www.blogtalkradio.com Stewart Best and Larry Taylor www.thelightgate.com Stan Deyo http LA Marzulli lamarzulli.wordpress.com


PLAYLIST: www.youtube.com This week, we are joined by a new, much-requested guest, Max Igan, author of Earth’s Forbidden Secrets. We will also be joined by our good friend, Freeman, of The Freeman Perspective. We will be discussing the forbidden knowledge that has been kept from humanity concerning our planet and solving the riddles from our past. We’ll also be delving into topics such as the Sumerian and Mayan cultures to get a better idea of our species’ past, so that we may shape our future to be the best one imaginable.

They Own It All (Including You!), part 3 of 5

From Anthony J. Hilder’s documentary FrankenFed, available via his website www.freeworldfilmworks.com