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All Shall Perish – Wage Slaves

Lyrics: Scathing attacks of time and torment When we sleep walk our lives away These thieves They’ve made Our hearts break So now Im screaming Attacks of heartless horror At them Their cash cant kill us all and We have built we have Built upon their dream to long Don’t be their fucking slaves We live in exploitation We have worked Blind endless means They have turned our failure into what they need So Break these shackles and take a stand we are the gears We are the ones they fear Take their crowns away They wont take away my life, a slave no longer in my mind I Break these shackles and take a stand to tell the world The revolt returns Break these shackles and take a stand to tell the world Get up We live in exploitation We have worked blind endless means They have turned our failure into what they need Take it back ________________________________ Thank you for watching Thank you All Shall Perish for making awesome music No copyright intended and all that jazz. Uploaded for entertainment purposes and to share music with others. & I apologize for the big silence in the video as well as the annoying Windows Movie Maker effects. I uploaded this in 2007 when I was a bit younger, so I didn’t know any better.

LIVE – Embrace the Difficult Stuff – Be Divine Love

2012-04-06 1st journal, Mayan day 5 Crocodile GLPVC Presents Jordan Maxwell, March 28, 2012 Written Journal www.scribd.com Intro: The journals, lately keep seeming odd to me. The pace of change has accelerated sufficiently that I always seem to feel a bit off balance. Perhaps you can identify with this. One thing I know, I’m not alone in anything I’m going through — and that really helps. It’s nice to know I can find some understanding out there — but this video may challenge even that. Anyway, my overall point was good — it’s that by being in Heart when we encounter the worst things can really help. Having come out of a tradition that focused only on Light, I was well schooled in that. I really believed in it. When you hold such beliefs it creeps into affecting every part of your life. You’re always on the look-out to avoid feeding or paying attention to anything dark…