Epic of Gilgamesh (3/4)

(Repost- the video was inadvertently taken down) – Gilgamesh is the wisest, strongest, and most handsome of mortals, for he is two-thirds god and one-third man. As king of the city-state of Uruk he builds a monumental wall around the city, but in doing so he overworks the city’s inhabitants unmercifully, to the point where they pray to the gods for relief.

The god Anu hears their plea and calls the goddess Aruru to fashion another demigod like Gilgamesh in order that the two heroes might fight and thus give Uruk peace. Aruru creates the warrior Engidu out of clay and sends him to live among the animals of the hills. A hunter of Uruk finds Enkidu and in terror reports his existence to Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh advises the hunter to take a priest to Enkidu’s watering place to lure Enkidu to the joys of civilization and away from his animal life. The priest initiates Enkidu into civilization with her body, her bread, and her wine. Having forsaken his animal existence, Enkidu and the priest start for Uruk. On their arrival she tells him of the strength and wisdom of Gilgamesh and of how Gilgamesh told the goddess Ninsun about his dreams of meeting Enkidu, his equal, in combat….

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Secret Space Program the Hidden Agenda of NASA

Looks at the secret space program of the American military that has been going on for over 60 years. Was Wernher von Braun involved in the Roswell crash investigation? Why did he suddenly become fascinated with highly advanced theoretical physics propulsion systems during the Apollo years, and why did all of this public research suddenly “go black” in the early 1960s? Did NASA and the Pentagon know and expect to find evidence of alien bases on the Moon? Did the Apollo 12 astronauts deliberately damage the TV cameras in order to hide their explorations of one of these bases? What was the top secret “Chapel Bell” experiment on Apollo 16?

Looks into the secret space program, the possibility of secret bases on the Moon and many rumors surrounding the military’s secret projects in space.

Thanks to Cliff Dunning http://www.earthancients.com/

Lemuria the Lost Continent of Pan

The destruction of the vast continent of Pan–also known as Lemuria or Mu–in the Pacific Ocean 24,000 years ago was the greatest catastrophe that ever befell humanity. Yet it resulted in a prehistoric Golden Age of arts and technology thanks to the Sons of Noah, who, forewarned and prepared for the disaster, escaped in 5 organized fleets. Theirs was the masterful Ur-culture that seeded China, Egypt, India, Mexico, and Peru, explaining the sudden injection of the same advanced knowledge and sophisticated arts into those widely separated lands.

Examining the diaspora from the sunken continent of Pan, Susan B. Martinez finds traces of the oceanic Pan civilization in arts and technologies from canal-works, masonry, and agriculture to writing, weaving, and pottery, but most importantly in the art of navigation, the hallmark of the survivors of the catastrophe.

Thanks to Cliff Dunning http://www.earthancients.com/