Jeff Rense & Robert Steele – Trump Must Clean House NOW Or It’s Over…’60-40 He Won’t Make It’

Stunning conversation with Robert Steele about Trump’s survival chances unless he makes MAJOR changes in this top staff, immediately, and frees himself from being surrounded by traitors and treason. Many of Trump’s Senior people including VP Pence are saying nearly the opposite of many of Trump’s key announced policies and positions on he world stage. Many are predicting Trump with be forced to resign or will be impeached. Here the best analysis and overview yet…

Evidence for Ancient Pre Columbian Race of Europeans in America

Is there evidence that people from other countries came to North America in the pre-Columbian era? Many books today say yes (Zuni Enigma, Maya Genesis, America B.C., Pale Ink, and many others). This book details a discovery of two engraved stones in the Angeles National Forest, and unique details about the site. The books explains the author’s discovery, and his process of attempting to translate the marks on the rock, which he believed were linguistic. Eventually, many other unique features were found on this site which makes the site completely normal for a European ceremonial site, except that the site is not Europe. Nyerges shares the pros and cons from the various experts that he spoke with.

He shares both the supportive experts, as well as those who said these features were nothing more than freaks of nature. Nyerges shares the extensive literature on this subject, and provides enough details so that the reader can ascertain if this is fact or fiction.

Thanks to Cliff Dunning

NASA Cuts Live Feed as SIX UFOs Fly past Space Station?!

NASA’s Live video stream from the International Space Station caught 6 unidentified flying objects passing by. Some believe them to be UFOs after the scene was suddenly cut to a briefing room.


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