The Legendary ‘Sword in The Stone’ IS REAL & You Can Visit It

The sword in the stone is a well known tale about a boy who pulled a sword out of a stone and eventually became king of England. But there is actually a different story that could be the inspiration behind the British legend.

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History Documentary Films The World’s Most Brutal Torture Techniques Ever Used

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The Secret Vault of Egyptian Treasures Hidden on the Giza Plateau [VIDEO]

Reveals the true purpose behind the pyramids of Giza and the location of the secret vault of Egyptian treasures hidden on the Giza plateau. Details how the first 16 pyramids represent the allegorical “dismembered body of Osiris” and the legendary missing part is a secret underground chamber

Explains how the pyramids were built as recovery vaults and with the secret chamber contained everything needed to rebuild civilization after the Deluge. Examines the technology used to build the pyramids and “fly the stones into place” After nearly 200 years of the pyramid-as-tomb theory, a growing body of evidence suggests the first 16 pyramids of ancient Egypt were not royal tombs but nearly indestructible recovery vaults designed to revive civilization after an anticipated major catastrophe, the Deluge of Thoth.


On October 4, 1957, the Space Age dawned with the red hue of the Communist flag when the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite. Sputnik I stunned the world and spurred a surge in science education and innovation that changed our world forever. But was Sputnik I really a shock to America’s leaders, and how close was the U.S. to getting into space first? NOVA draws on previously classified documents to tell the real story behind the opening chapter in the space race.