Black Eyed Children & UFO’s Connection’s & Experiences – Shadowyze aka Shawn – Anthropologist

Black Eyed Children, Demons & UFO’s – Firsthand Accounts
Cryptozoology, Anthropologist & Hip Hop Artist
Shawn Aka Shadowyze Discusses His personal encounters with a multitude of Entities that might not be from this world.

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Shawn also writes and performs music, referencing

-Illuminati Bloodlines of the 13
-Fallen Angels
-Robotic Insects
-Pole Shift

Live Stream: The actual banality of evil and the commonplace ordinariness of the terrorist next door

“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”
― Malcolm X

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Ep. 747 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Randy Williams : JACK THE RIPPER SOLVED! : LIVE

Randy Williams recent book: Sherlock Holmes and the Autumn of Terror, co-authored with Dr. Michael Baden, Henry Lee and Cyril Wecht…the three leading forensic pathologists in the world… present the case for actually solving the Jack the Ripper mystery…this is a true-not-to-miss show!

Randy Williams is a Pennsylvania-based private investigator and describes himself as follows. “I’m a fighter… AND a lover. Lover of martial arts, lover of true crime novels, lover of word puzzles, lover of things Italian, lover of wine, lover of horses, travel and foreign languages, lover of women, lover of Chinese culture and above all, lover of a mystery.”

He is the owner of Black Stallion Security and Investigations and the founder of the Close Range Combat Academy, a worldwide martial arts organization with branches in the US, UK, Europe and Asia. He has written nine books on the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun Gung Fu, and Sherlock Holmes and the Autumn of Terror is his second venture into fictional writing.

Tonight we are going to discuss his new book about Holmes and the greatest set of crimes known in history – the brutal murders perpetrated by the criminal who came to be known as Jack the Ripper.

Air date: October 31, 2017