George Takei Blames Russia For Spreading Sexual Assault Claim Against Him and Angers Multitudes

The Hollywood Reporter broke allegations against actor and LGBT advocate George Takei, who was accused by a male model of sexually assaulting him in 1981. Takei swiftly denied the claim while stating that this “simply did not occur.” Not helping matters? Takei’s newly resurfaced (October) comments on The Howard Stern Show, where the actor admitted to grabbing men’s genitals in order to “persuade” them. And this weekend, Takei did something else that didn’t present a good look.

In a move that evoked shades of Kevin Spacey coming out in response to sexual assault allegations against him, Takei blamed Russia for amplifying the the male model’s accusations. In doing so, Takei tweeted (and subsequently deleted) a chart that purportedly showed Russian bot-activity trends over 48 hours. The chart originated from and showed “Takei” and “George Takei” high atop the trending list. Takei claimed that these bots attacked his Facebook page, and his team had to “ban all traffic from within the Russian federation.”

Oh no. Naturally, people screencapped this disaster and called out Takei for sort-of saying that “Russia did it” while adding that the country wanted to “cow him into silence.” [SOURCE]

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