Shapeshifters in Genesis & 7,000 Years of Evidence

Shapeshifters from the Inner-Earth. Over 7,000 Years of Evidence, from Ancient Scriptures to Statues from around the world, different cultures, countries and timelines. Guest is Jeffrey Daugherty from A biblical Scholar with over 100k hours of research on the subject matter.

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#Trump Is Absolutely a #StableGenius and Machiavellian Political Maestro Who’ll Bury #SteveBannon

@POTUS 45 Donald Trump has defined his mental state, declaring himself perfectly to be a “very stable genius” amid questions raised by an explosive new book by a shady character of the first stripe — ‘Fire and Fury’ by Michael Wolff. It quotes senior aides allegedly questioning his fitness for office. In a flurry of brilliant Twitter posts, Trump portrayed the baseless doubts about his mental hygiene as parts in a broad sinister conspiracy. 

The man’s a genius. Truly.

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New Smartphones Read Your Mind, Using AI to Predict What you do!

New Smartphones Read Your Mind, Using AI to Predict What you do!
The light and dark of AI-powered smartphones
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