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Angel, Alien and UFO Sightings That Are Beyond Human Perception DOCUMENTARY

As this documentary shows the sky is alive and has been for millennia with non-human activity, much of which is not visible to the naked eye. See concrete evidence with real video from beyond human perception and discover a realm of fallen angels and otherworldly visitors in a universe that is beyond our comprehension. Dare to ask yourself, what is our place in the cosmos?

Now for the first time, the un-seeable and unbelievable has been caught on video by multiple individuals who have not only captured mind bending video of Entities, UFOs and Angels, but have been profoundly affected by their experiences. Confronted by the unknown, they all share a deep and unwavering need to know and understand the phenomenon they are experiencing.

Mars Project, Book from 1952 “Elon will be the leader of the Martian Government”

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Excerpt from the Mars Project
“The Martian Government was directed by ten men, the leader of whom was elected by universal suffrage for five years and entitled “Elon” two houses of parliament enacted the laws to administered by the Elon and his cabinet.” Chapter 24 Page 177

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