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Samuel Johnston – 02/28/2018 – Saddle for Battle

Samuel Johnston host of The Sharpening Report joins us to talk about the battle for public opinion. The alternative media is being censored while the MSM only lies and deceives. This is a battle we will continue to fight.

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Ep. 813 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church AMA : Ask Me Anything! : LIVE

Check out our LIVE show, Mon-Thursday 7pm PST at

Tonight it’s the official Jimmy Church AMA… or: Ask Me Anything! We will be going all out with a simulcast/live feeds on Facebook, YouTube and Periscope.

All the questions you’ve always wanted to ask but never had a way to do it… such as Jimmy’s opinions on UFOs, Time Travel, Lost History and conspiracies… False Flags, Mass-media… his hosting of FADE to BLACK, Coast to Coast AM and The History Channel, his personal life and of course, his cooking… music, guitars and Disclosure.

You can post your questions on the Facebook Live feed, Periscope and Twitter.

No questions in advance from email… this is a live event and only questions submitted during the AMA will be answered!

Air date: February 28, 2018