Sam Nunberg – Crazy Man or Agent of Strategic Chaos? | Mike Cernovich Periscope

Sam Nunberg – Crazy Man or Agent of Strategic Chaos? | Mike Cernovich Periscope

Sam Nunberg is a lot smarter than you’re giving him credit for being. He knows what he’s doing, which is revealing Mueller’s investigation as a farce. Watch and learn.

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Western Civilization’s Butterfly Effect | Stefan Molyneux at ‘A Night For Freedom, DC’

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On February 24th, 2018, Stefan Molyneux appeared at ‘A Night For Freedom’ in Washington, DC to discuss the magnitude of the decisions we each make every single day and the far reaching impact those choices can have on a long enough timeline. For the purpose of illustration, Stefan Molyneux looks at Sigmund Freud’s cowardice when met with opposition and how he sold out sexually abused children with disastrous long term consequences.

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UFOs associated with Above Human Intelligence Individuals

The newly revealed Pentagon program is certainly not the first officially funded project to hunt for signs of advanced intelligence in the galaxy. … The fact that the government chose to spend some cash on a supposedly scientific look at UFOs—particularly as they could be crucially related to national security threats—really .