Is There Life Inside Black Holes?

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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

Ask the average layman how a black hole works, and they’ll talk about a terrifying object which sucks in and destroys anything that gets close.To find out if life could exist inside a black hole, let’s give you a quick rundown of how these universal garbage disposals work.Vyacheslav Dokuchaev is a physicist and the author of the 2011 paper “Is there life inside black holes.” In his study, Professor Dokuchaev outlines his theory that life may exist within supermassive black holes, like the one at the centre of our galaxy. If you lived on a planet inside a black hole, what would it feel like? Advanced civilizations may live safely inside the black hole without being visible from the outside.

The Skirpal et Fille Poisoning: The Conspiracy Theory Embraced by Those Who Hate Conspiracy Theories

Let’s put the controversy into context this way. And pay close attention. This was crafted by my topiarist Lars and it spells out the quandary perfectly.

“Here is what makes no sense to me: If I ran Russia and there was an individual in a Russian prison that I wanted dead, why would I not do it then, when that person was completely under my control, where the investigation into their death was completely under my control, and when their death would create almost no international news, instead of allowing them to flee to England and perform the hit on British soil, where the operation would be risky, where I have no control over the subsequent investigation and which would be sure to create an international political firestorm?”

Yet despite the preposterous nature of this “conspiracy theory” it is nonetheless espoused by those who normally eschew them.


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