Robert Mueller Honored Convicted Human Trafficker With FBI Award

Robert Mueller Honored Convicted Human Trafficker With FBI Award

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The founder and chief executive officer of, which is a website which was linked to human trafficking, has now pleaded guilty to charges including conspiring to facilitate prostitution and money laundering.

57-year-old Carl Ferrer who is a resident of Frisco, Texas, will now face a maximum of five years in prison. Part of his plea agreement with federal and state authorities includes forfeiting all corporate assets related to the website and making sure it’s permanently shut down.

Although was a dominant marketplace for illicit commercial sex and a place where sex trafficking was frequently advertised both for adults and children Attorney General Jeff Sessions said: “The illegality stops here right now.” Session’s statement came after Ferrer pleaded guilty to state and federal charges of conspiracy, money laundering, and a few more things. This was part of a plea deal between Ferrer and the DOJ to testify in the ongoing case against the website whose owners are fighting the charges.

But here is where things get complicated. When Robert Mueller was FBI Director he actually awarded CEO Carl Ferrer recognition from the Justice Department and FBI for working in an investigative capacity to assist the FBI. And FBI sources are stating that the award which was given to Ferrer and by the FBI back in 2011 when Mueller was director may have even included financial compensation.
Here is more on this matter via True Pundit:

“But it is not the first time Ferrer has agreed to work as a rat for the FBI concerning’s operations. Mueller’s FBI award lists Ferrer as Vice President.

Issued in May 2011, Mueller’s FBI award to Ferrer reads:

“For your outstanding cooperation and assistance in connection with an investigation of great importance. The FBI’s ability to carry out its investigative responsibilities to the American people has been greatly enhanced through your help, and you can be very proud of your valuable contribution to the success achieved.”

Was Ferrer working as a confidential informant for the FBI? It is quite possible. If so, why did it take the FBI so long to close the web site, especially if it was in the business of harming and sexually exploiting children?
FBI officials reached late Thursday said it was possible Ferrer was recognized by the FBI for assisting with additional investigations depending on the working agreement between, Ferrer and the Bureau.

Did James Comey’s FBI work with too after Mueller?

Federal prosecutors say that Backpage brought in a half-billion dollars since it began in 2004, mostly through prominent risque advertising for escorts and massages, among other services and some goods for sale. Authorities allege the site was often used to traffic underage victims, while company officials said they tried to scrub the website of such ads.

Ferrer will serve no more than five years in prison under a California agreement in which he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and three counts of money laundering in California. Also Thursday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the company pleaded guilty to human trafficking.

Under his plea agreement, Ferrer agreed to make the company’s data available to law enforcement as investigations and prosecutions continue. The guilty pleas are the latest in a cascade of developments in the last week against the company founded by the former owners of the Village Voice in New York City, Michael Lacey, 69, and James Larkin, 68.

Ferrer could face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine in the federal case in Arizona, while could face a maximum fine of $500,000 for its money laundering conspiracy plea in the Arizona case.”

Again President Trump and his administration are working hard to keep the promises he made during the campaign to the American people. It’s really great to see that for once the right has a president who is making us proud to be Americans as we see the rule of law once again being a part of or society.

Here is more on President Trump’s fight against sex trafficking via Reuters:

“U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed legislation aimed at penalizing website operators that facilitate online sex trafficking and chipping away at a legal protection for the technology industry.

The law is intended to make it easier for state prosecutors and sex-trafficking victims to sue social media networks, advertisers and others that kept exploitative material on their platforms, although victims would be required to show websites knowingly facilitated sex trafficking.

SHOCK CIA Officer Exposes Clinton Charity Fraud As Biggest Scandal In US History

SHOCK: CIA Officer Exposes Clinton Charity Fraud As Biggest Scandal In US History

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A former CIA officer by the name of Kevin Shipp is now saying that all the crime and treason we are learning about at the FBI and DOJ boils down to one thing. The Clinton Foundation.

Shipp goes on to explain that Hillary Clinton was actually running a global financial crime syndicate where she was using secret servers to conduct a foundation money laundering business. He also claims the shocking thing about all this is all the former directors of the CIA that have come out to support her, from Clapper to Brennan to Morell to Robert Gates supporting her being elected since they all allegedly knew about this criminal syndicate. Comey, Lynch, and Weissmann where all protecting it.

It looks like Hillary Clinton’s chickens might be finally coming home to roost.
Here are more various excerpts from the video via Zero Hedge:

“The shocking thing about that is all the former directors of the CIA that have come out to support her, from Clapper to Brennan to Morell to Robert Gates supporting her being elected, knew about this criminal syndicate. Comey was protecting it. Lynch was protecting it. Weissmann was protecting it. And that is the big why. What’s she got on these people? Are they financial ties? They had to be aware of this, especially the counter-intelligence units. We know it was hacked into by foreign intelligence services because it was just hanging out there. Hillary Clinton was running a secret server outside the Department of State for the purposes of laundering money through the criminal Clinton Foundation.”

“It’s not just an anvil, I think it is a mountain and the nexus of everything. This “Clinton Global Initiative” (CGI) is worldwide, and it’s been out there for a couple of decades. It has now intertwined former Directors of the CIA and FBI. George Soros is a part of it. It’s connected to all kinds of global financial institutions…

It is at least a $100 billion…

All these people protecting and defending Hillary Clinton and knowing about her criminal syndicate, this goes into the so-called ‘Deep State’ of our government, and it is connected, involved and intertwined in the global criminal crime syndicate called the Clinton Foundation. This is probably going to be the biggest scandal in U.S. history–once it’s busted. I think they are quietly working on it now, and I think they have been for the last year. It is so huge the arrests and indictments could cause a Constitutional crisis with some people being removed. Maybe that’s why they are moving slowly. It all comes back down to the Clinton Foundation and the criminal syndicate.”

“Yes, I am absolutely convinced of it. George Soros gave $30 million to Obama’s campaign. Then he gave $27.1 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Both Obama and Clinton are tied directly into George Soros. Obama was put into office with millions of dollars that came out of nowhere.

Yes, he’s part of this cabal. Yes, he’s part of this global syndicate, and in my opinion, the subversion of our government.”

“Could you imagine if senior DOJ officials were arrested, some Congressmen and Senators were arrested and other government officials were arrested on charges and walked out of office? That’s the Constitutional crisis I am talking about. Those kind of high-level arrests would shake up this nation. It would be huge, and that’s why it has taken so long and methodical in doing this.”

What begs to ask the most important question is, What’s she got on these people? Are they financial tied? Since Shipp claims they all had to be aware of this, especially the counter-intelligence units? They all know it was hacked into by foreign intelligence services because it was just sitting there unprotected just like the secret server that Hillary Clinton was running outside the Department of State for the purposes of laundering money through the criminal Clinton Foundation.

This would actually explain why almost 1 1/2 years into the Trump presidency we are still dealing with a deep state who is hell-bent on taking him out although he has done nothing unconstitutional or illegal. President Trump is an outsider, and because of this, they are terrified he will blow the whistle so they try their hardest to discredit and vilify him on a daily basis. From accusations of adulterous affairs with porn stars from over 12 years ago. to false claims of Russian collusion, to even attacking him because he gets two scoops of Ice Cream.
Unlike Obama who was protected because the GOP was afraid to take him on, probably because of the fear of being branded racist against the first black president, Trump has to take it on the chin on a daily basis. But whatever the reason let’s all hope and pray this is investigated and we get to the bottom of it. Because a nation cannot stand when our own law enforcement agencies are this corrupt.

BREAKING: Trump’s Lawyer Double Agent? Just Stabbed Him In The Back With What He Gave To FBI

BREAKING: Trump’s Lawyer Double Agent? Just Stabbed Him In The Back With What He Gave To FBI

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Conservatives were stunned when the news broke that the FBI had raided the office of President Trump’s personal attorney. The pretense for this raid was in the context of the ongoing investigation into the 2016 Presidential election, and whether or not there was any interference.

Initially, this investigation was constantly called the “Russia collusion” story, but much like “global warming” that is now called “global climate change” this too has transitioned due to the lack of evidence. Despite over a year of constant investigation, examination and questioning, the Special Counsel Robert Meuller haven’t presented anything that looks like collusion, or influence or anything that would implicate the Trump campaign.

They have, however, uncovered a few liberal inconsistencies that have caused investigations into those who insisted that there was Russia collusion, to begin with. However, as the investigation pivots and moves in another direction, the investigation that was supposed to look into foreign interference, is now investigating an accusation of infidelity between President Trump and a famous porn star.

Liberals everywhere seem extremely concerned with this alleged affair that would have taken places over a decade ago. That interest led to the raid, and subsequent seizure of documents and possible evidence from President Trump’s personal attorney earlier this week. The Slot gleefully reports that while this is potentially damaging, because of the personal files that this attorney no doubt has, it could be even worse, if the attorney has recordings of the President speaking confidentially, and off the record:

“Donald Trump’s associates are reportedly freaking out because his lawyer, Michael Cohen, may have inadvertently handed the FBI a gold mine of private business and political conversations he secretly recorded. In an amazing twist of fate, the recordings that Cohen attempted to use as leverage against Trump’s associates may have come back to haunt all of them, and I, for one, could not be more amused.

The Washington Post reports that, according to one source, it was Cohen’s ‘standard practice’ to secretly record business calls. The source knows this because, apparently, Cohen, a beneficiary of New York’s one party consent laws, played the recordings for top Trump advisors. Two other sources said he recorded political conversations, too.Though they don’t know where Cohen kept the recordings, Trump’s allies are worried that the FBI may have gathered them when they raided Cohen’s office earlier this week. Oops!”

From the Post:

“Cohen, who served for a decade as a lawyer at the Trump Organization and is a close confidant of Trump, was known to store the conversations using digital files and then replay them for colleagues, according to people who have interacted with him.

‘We heard he had some proclivity to make tapes,’ said one Trump adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation. ‘Now we are wondering, who did he tape? Did he store those someplace where they were actually seized? . . . Did they find his recordings?’

Investigators were also looking for any records related to adult-film star Stormy Daniels and ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal, who both received payments after alleged affairs with Trump.
In New York, a hearing was scheduled Friday over Cohen’s efforts to prevent the government from using material seized in the raids.

It is unknown whether Cohen taped conversations between himself and Trump. But two people familiar with Cohen’s practices said he recorded both business and political conversations. One associate said Trump knew of Cohen’s practice because the attorney would often play him recordings Cohen had made of his conversations with other top Trump advisers.”

“In the event that the FBI did obtain any of the recordings, however, they would by subject to review by the Justice Department and even a federal judge, who would make sure that the conversations were relevant to the search warrant and to protect attorney-client privilege for any non-criminal matters.

As this Nixonian tale unfolds, former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman confirmed to the Post that in any search for evidence, people being recorded discussing potential crimes they committed sure does help. ‘If you are looking for evidence, you can’t do any better than people talking on tape.’ Thanks, Nick!”

Liberals Freak As Bulldog Trey Gowdy Takes Bite Out Of Former FBI Dir James Comey

Liberals Freak As Bulldog Trey Gowdy Takes Bite Out Of Former FBI Dir. James Comey

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Liberals are freaking out after Congressman Trey Gowdy attacked James Comey. The “Bulldog” from South Carolina is taking a bite out of the corrupt former FBI Director and the deep state with this latest rebuke aimed at Comey. This is why we hate to see Gowdy leave Congress.

Trey Gowdy isn’t known for beating around the bush or sugarcoating things, and that’s why so many people wish he would stay in Congress. According to Daily Caller, Gowdy (R-SC) lambasted Comey on Friday, April 13, 2018, during an interview with Fox News‘ Fox & Friends. Gowdy didn’t waste any time in getting into the dirt, and Comey definitely deserved this.

When asked if he thinks James Comey should have told President Donald Trump that the Steele dossier was financed by his opponent Hillary Clinton, Gowdy had a mouthful to say. “It’s certainly a relevant fact,” he began. “Whether or not he should have told the President, the FBI certainly should have told the FISA court,” he added.
“That’s my bigger concern, is they didn’t tell the folks who authorized the warrant. It’s a really relevant fact. It helps you understand the motivation behind that salacious material or allegation,” Gowdy said. “For sure, they should have told the court. I think it would have been nice to tell the person who was the subject of the dossier also,” Gowdy added.

Next, Gowdy addressed how failing to tell Trump about where he got the dossier affected Comey’s character. “Well, of course, you would want to know where you got the information because that determines how reliable it is,” Gowdy explained. “We already know the FBI did not vet or investigate the allegations in the dossier so if I were the President I’d want to know, where’d you get it, and how have you vetted it before you used it,” Gowdy added.

When asked about whether or not private conversations between Comey and Trump, in regard to the dossier, would help to defend the President against any obstruction of justice charges, Gowdy let loose. “These Comey memos are defense exhibit A, in an obstruction of justice,” he said.
“I’ve read them, very few members of Congress have, and no one outside of Congress has read the Comey memos. I think they ought to be released. I think they ought to be released publicly, but they certainly ought to be released to Congress,” Gowdy added.

“They would be defense exhibit A, in an obstruction of justice prosecution,” Gowdy reiterated. When asked if there were any reasons Comey’s memos should not be released such as national security concerns, Gowdy blasted Comey. “I hope not, Comey gave them to a law professor. So, I hope not,” Gowdy said.

“I think it’s sad, I think it’s sad. One of the things Director Comey and I did agree on is we need an apolitical FBI. We had some fairly heated exchanges about that. I can’t think of anyone who’s done a better job of politicizing than he has in the last 36 to 48 hours by talking about tanning bed goggles and the length of a tie. That is beneath the dignity of the offices that he held,” Gowdy exclaimed.
“So, I’m really disappointed. Whether or not the intelligence community vetted this book, I hope he let them do it so he’s not disseminating classified information. My guess is he did. But, the writing of the book in general, and then some of the things that he’s talking about are just frankly beneath the dignity of some really important offices he once held,” Gowdy added.

Once again, Congressman Trey Gowdy comes through with the ugly truth, no matter who he might piss off. The harsh words Gowdy had for Comey could not have been easy for the Congressman to want to say. His background as a federal prosecutor has given him extensive experience working closely with the law enforcement community he respects so much.

It’s truly unfortunate that he’s leaving Congress at the end of his term. Many American patriots were hoping to see him become Speaker of the House or even replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. There just aren’t enough good people in Congress like Trey Gowdy who will call out scum like James Comey when it needs to be done.