Cave Mysteries of the Nephilim. Are there Civilizations Underground ?

Is there is a direct correlation between the passing of Nibiru and the subsequent ‘underground’ activity of the giants?

Call it survival mode if-you-will for the remaining Nephilim. Their descendants were not wiped out after the flood—caused by Nibiru—and the only way they could survive …

UFOs Crashes, and Cover Ups

UFO Crashes, Retrievals and Government Cover-ups [Gil Carlson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. UFO crashes and their retrieval by highly specialized teams often includes recovery of alien bodies and on some occasion those that are still alive!

UFOs and the Interstellar Travel Science

Maybe we are not alone at all, but interstellar travel is so hard that everyone just stays home. Maybe we are being quarantined, and UFOs are dronelike documentarians recording an intergalactic Planet Earth miniseries. Maybe our galaxy is bursting at the seams with alien civilizations

UFOs associated with Above Human Intelligence Individuals

The newly revealed Pentagon program is certainly not the first officially funded project to hunt for signs of advanced intelligence in the galaxy. … The fact that the government chose to spend some cash on a supposedly scientific look at UFOs—particularly as they could be crucially related to national security threats—really .