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Palenque Astronaut Revisited – King Pakal’s Tomb

1414 years ago, amid a dense jungle of cedar, mahogany, and sapodilla trees, a Mayan king was born in Palenque, which is the modern-day State of Chiapas, Mexico. Born in 603 CE, and dying eighty years later after a reign of 68 years, K’inich Janaab Pakal I was considered the greatest king of Palenque. His reign was the longest known regnal period in the ancient America’s and the 30th longest in all the world to date.

Commonly known as King Pacal (which means ‘shield’), he is famous for transforming the city of Palenque into a great power through his building projects in the city (namely the Temple of the Inscriptions). But…perhaps his number one claim to fame in modern times is his elaborately carved sarcophagus lid.

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The Spread of Prehistoric Archd Innovations iaeological Cultures ann Artefacts

In the history of archaeological theory the term migrationism was opposed to the term diffusionism (or “immobilism”) as a means of distinguishing two approaches to explaining the spread of prehistoric archaeological cultures and innovations in artefact. Migrationism explains cultural change in terms of human migration, while diffusionism relies on explanations based on trans-cultural diffusion of ideas rather than populations (pots, not people).

Western archaeology the first half of the 20th century relied on the assumption of migration and invasion as driving cultural change. This was criticized by the processualist in the 1960s and 1970s, leading to a new mainstream which rejected “migrationism” as outdated. Since the 1990s, there has been renewed interest in “migrationist” scenarios, as archaeologists attempted the archaeological reflexes of migrations known to have occurred historically.

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Joseph Farrell 2017 Update Amazing Secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza

This is physicist Joseph Farrell amazing show on the secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is a rollicking ride into the world of fantastic science and an even more fantastic past that is just beginning to be imagined!

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Steve Quayle 2017 Update The Lost World of Giants Unveiled

Stephen Quayle (following a secret conference with leaders of the Ute Nation, Zuni, and Hopi tribes) unveils the most compelling evidence involving pre-Columbian, dragon/giant-worshiping interlopers who traversed the Atlantic Ocean and secret Anasazi routes to corrupt the earliest Americans with portal-opening sorcery, and technology of the fallen ones.

The truth behind the great Smithsonian cover up REVEALED! The pre-Flood architecture of the Giant Kings DECIPHERED! Pre-Flood angel civilizations and the remnants of Watchers UNCOVERED! The secret of the Anasazi and why they disappeared overnight UNVEILED! Ancient hidden stargates that medicine-men still use to see the future CONFESSED! The sacred mountains where the giant bones are kept EXPOSED!

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