Alex Collier – Exopolitics EarthTransformation Conference 2008 4/8

After 6 years of taking a rest, Alex Collier is back now to continue spreading the information given by the Andromedans to him. This is a conference that took place in Hawai at Exopolitics Earth Transformation in May 2008. Introduction is done by Dr. Michael Salla. … alex collier andromeda et mothership alien UFO space consciousness science new ways modern society shift 2012 starseeds future DNA contacts

Niels Harrit on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 2/2:Nano-Thermite Found in WTC Dust !!

Niels Harrit has been Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, for 37 years. … Niels Haritt Professor Chemistry University Copenhagen WTC Alan Watt Matrix illuminati Club of Rome Bilderberg group CFR TLC WTO WHO Romans 13 TBN John Hagee Satan Occult freemasons 33 degree all seeing eye Angles Demons Pope International Bankers IMF G-20 Summit Barach Obama Hillary Clinton Ron Paul

Disco Man–Quiver

Red Aunts (from Long Beach), Bobsled (featuring Jula Bell formerly of Bulimia Banquet), Borax (with Judy Molish on drums who later joined Betty Blowtorch), and The Pandoras (which became The Muffs after their singer passed away in 1991). In 1994 three things quaked the LA punk scene and would ultimately mark the end of an era. Kurt Cobain’s death, the rampant drug use associated with ‘punk’ surfaced and was exploited, and Raji’s Night Club in Hollywood closed its doors. The result? The death of …