The Return of Dagon (The Fish god) – Luciferianism

The symbol for Dagon has made its way to Christian churches and christian homes. The symbol of the fish, was not and it never was christian; but thanks to the catholic church the fish is recognized as an official christian symbol. That’s why God instructed His people to refrain from making any images from anything in heaven, or on earth, or from the water below. Christians need to wake up and come out of the ways of the pagans! Education Purpose Only. Video from david1057. Expose the Luciferian doctrine – Black Nobility (Papal Bloodlines) – the Vatican – Jesuit – Masonic mafia network. Then expose Aristocracy Knighthoods (Knights of Malta, Royal Monarchy, Rothschilds etc.), Zionism, Secret Services (CIA/NSA/CSIS/OSS/MOSSAD/MI6/KGB/Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst, etc.), Illuminati Brotherhood, Int./National Think Tanks (CFR, Bilderberg, Tavistock, Fraser, Rand), Governments, Agencies (Nasa, Cern, Espa, etc.), Police, Businesses, NGO’s, indoctrination facilities (Jesuit Georgetown University, Yale, Cambridge, etc.), False Prophets, New Age Propaganda (Zeitgeist, Yoga, David Wilcock, etc.), Truth movements (Alex Jones and the likes), psyops (Media fakery, etc.), eugenics (Darwin, fake scientists, etc.), fake or empty Youtube accounts, counterfeit religions (Islam, Tao, Buddha, Hindu, etc.)…the lot. Expose it all and challenge it’s corrpution and perversion.

Freedom from Dark Spirits 1-7 Russ Dizdar

From Gods word truth Russ Dizdar christian bible Jesus Christ delivers us from all demonic possession oppression UFO MPD DID SRA NWO infiltration covert spiritual warfare illuminati freemasonry cults occult satanism neo gnosticism new age chemtrails alien abduction pedophilia sex magic paganism wicca witchcraft kabbalah talmud zohar jewish mysticism celtic hexagram amulets talisman enochian magick spell casting curses hebrew roots movement In Jesus name

Stranger Advice – EP4 PT1 – MIKE BARA

Episode #4 of Stranger Advice features author, screenwriter and lecturer, Mike Bara. A self-described “born-again conspiracy theorist,” Mike’s first book Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA (co-authored with Richard C. Hoagland) was a New York Times bestseller in 2007. Mike returns with “The Choice” a new book for New Page Books which he describes as “The unified field theory of physics and metaphysics.” He promises that “The Choice” will peel back the layers of mystery around the Mayan calendar, 2012 and the future we can expect if we don’t heed nature’s warning signs. Please be sure to visit “Stranger Advice” on the following social networks: Thanks for´╗┐ your support!!!

Psykic Animals – PROPHECY 2012 (Prod. By Clams Casino)

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Cosmic War of the Gods

Was there a cosmic war of the gods that occurred millions of years ago according to the Ramayana, Sumerian texts and myths from other parts of the globe? Is the battle over the remaining artifacts the impetus of some of today’s wars? Joseph Farrell discusses the evidence on Red Ice Radio.