INTRO 2ETW! Identity of the Messaiah is Encoded in the Hebrew Aleph Bet–GUEST ERIC BISSELL APR 28

PLAYLIST GUESTS ERIC BISSELL PALEO HEBREW RESEARCHER AND PETE Hebrew is the original language created by the Creator. The 22 letters of the aleph bet describe his plan. NEW!! COVERING THE NEWS FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE. BLOGTALK DAILY 4:30 MT 5:30 CT 6:30 ET NEW YOUTUBE! 1MrEndtimeWatchman PLEASE SUBSCRIBE NEW! COMING – M-Th and SAT DAILY DEVOTION / NEWLETTER EMAIL SUBSCRIBE TO MrEndtimewatchman@ Join us live for Bible Thumping PREACHING 7 MT MT 5 MT Sat Endtime Watchman CS Rivers Billy PO Box 756 KILA, Montana 59920

Extra für Dummies: Warum nichts hinter dem Unsinn von “Nibiru/Planet X und 2012” steckt!

Rätsel & Mysterien der Welt – der Channel des Schriftstellers, Journalisten und Phänomene-Jägers Lars A. Fischinger. FÜR ALLE NIBIRU-2012-ESOTERIKER HIER FAKTEN 🙂 Kommt 2012 der Planet Nibiru – der “Planet X”? Was steckt hinter dem Mythos “Nibiru und 2012”? Woher kommt der Boom um den Planeten Nibiru und die angeblich dort lebenden Aliens mit Namen Anunnaki? Leider haben die Sitchin-Nibiru-Fans im Bezug auf “Nibiru kommt 2012” NULL Ahnung. Harte Worte – aber Tatsachen. Links dazu: Alles nochmal hier: DAS Buch zum Thema: “Es muss nicht alles so sein, es kann auch ganz anders sein. Manche Rätsel sind Scheinrätsel, manche werden zu welchen gemacht, manche aber widerstehen ziemlich hartnäckig allzu glatten Erklärungsversuchen.” (Walter-Jörg Langbein, 1993)

All Pro Wrestling – 07/28/12 – Gym Wars

ALL PRO WRESTLING “GYM WARS” EPISODE # 130 TV DATE AIRED: 07/28/12 ANNOUNCERS: JJ Purdom & Matthew Theall This week’s edition of All Pro Wrestling we have two championship matches. But first we start off the show with the man from Carniville, Jeckles as he takes on one of the hardest hitting men in APW, Dalton Frost. The first of our championship matches is for the All Pro Wrestling and Vendetta Pro Unified Tag Team Championship. The new champions, SU/KA (Sunami & Kadin Anthony) defeated Dos Perfectos to become the new tag team champions on a Vendetta Pro match last month. Since Dos Perfectos were signed to face Matt Carlos and Shane West for the tag titles, SU/KA is now in the match as champions. Both teams have not faced each other, it will be a good test for the new champions to see if they can hold off the high flying duo of West & Carlos. The Main Event has been building for a long time. Dave Dutra doesn’t feel he is getting what he deserves in APW. He has stated many times that if the championship committee doesn’t give him the title shots he deserves, he is going to go out and get them himself. That is exactly how this match got made. Dutra attacked Thatcher and being a champion who doesn’t back down from a fight, requested that this match be made for the Universal Heavyweight Championship.