Hoagland Analysis on UK ET Life Conference

Richard C. Hoagland offered commentary on a meeting in the UK about the search for ET life, suggesting it’s part of a disclosure process that we’re now seeing unfold. He also drew connections between the Norway Spiral and the earthquake in Haiti. Wikipedia Richard Charles Hoagland, (born 25 April 1945 in Morristown, New Jersey ) is an American author, and a proponent of various conspiracy theories about NASA, lost alien civilizations on the Moon and on Mars and other related topics. His writings claim that advanced civilizations exist or once existed on the Moon, Mars and on some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and that NASA and the United States government have conspired to keep these facts secret. He has advocated his ideas in two published books, several videos, lectures, interviews, and press conferences. His views have never been published in peer-reviewed journals. Hoagland has been described by James Oberg of The Space Review and Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy as a conspiracy theorist and fringe pseudoscientist.

Let It All Hang Out dance

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