Esoteric College Dowsing, Tarot, Past Life Regression and Astrology Courses 2016

The Avebury School of Esoteric Studies is fully affiliated with the Association of British Correspondence Colleges. Below you will find the Full list of courses that Esoteric College provides. All courses are taught by Maria Wheatley on a 1-2-1 personal basis. As a course member you will be granted complimentary access to the Esoteric Library. The Esoteric Library is an online PDF Electronic Book archive hosted externally. There are over 5000 Manuscripts cataloged A-Z in the library. There is also an option for the Public to gain access to the Library with Lifetime Membership.

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Courses List – At a Glance

~ Skype Courses
~ Professional Dowsing – Level 1
~ Professional Dowsing Level 2 – Master Practitioner
(Divining Earth Energies)
~ Professional Dowsing Level 3 – Master Practitioner
(Divining the Earth Grids)
~ Past Life Regression – Understanding and Healing Past Lives
~ Tarot – The Romany Way – Level 1
~ Tarot Level 2 – Going Deeper into the Cards, Seeing and Knowing
~ Tarot Level 3 The Master Practitioner of Transcendental Tarot
(Karma and Spirituality)
~ Druidic Soul Star Astrology – Past Lives and Understanding Your Spiritual Heritage