China Says The End of The Dollar is Near: Alex Jones Tv (Sunday Edition) 1/3

Andrew Brown Wall Street Journal January 16, 2011 Hu Highlights Need for US-China Cooperation, Questions Dollar BEIJING—Chinese President Hu Jintao emphasized the need for cooperation with the US in areas from new energy to space ahead of his visit to Washington this week, but he called the present US dollar-dominated currency system a “product of the past” and highlighted moves to turn the yuan into a global currency. “We both stand to gain from a sound China-US relationship, and lose from confrontation,” Mr. Hu said in written answers to questions from The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. Mr. Hu acknowledged “some differences and sensitive issues between us,” but his tone was generally compromising, and he avoided specific mention of some of the controversial issues that have dogged relations with the US over the past year or so—including US arms sales to Taiwan that led to a freeze in military relations between the world’s sole superpower and its rising Asian rival. AFP January 16, 2011 Hu calls currency system ‘product of the past’ China’s President Hu Jintao said Sunday the international currency system was “a product of the past,” but it would be a long time before the yuan is accepted as an international currency. Hu’s comments, which came ahead of a state visit to Washington on Wednesday, reflected the continuing tensions over the dollar’s role as the major reserve currency in the aftermath of the US financial crisis in 2008. “The current international


In this set of videos we will be thrust into the World of the Extraterrestrial Political motivations for Earth and also their involvement with all of humanity in the history of our beautiful Planet Earth. This is an interview between the greatly intellectual Mr. Freeman Fly of “The Freeman Perspective”. Dr. Michael Salla is one of the heroic people who started the idea and also the college/school for “Exopolitics”. The interview includes information on the Extraterrestrial situation on Earth. He is actually the head of the entire Exopolitics Institute. Thius interview was done on the date of March 15th, 2007. It is a defintie must watch for anyone out thewre who follows Mr. Freeman Fly’s incredible work or if you are fans of the Extraterrestrial phenomenom which is in all truth very real. Please visit and support the following websites for providing the World with this incredible information and knowledge; 1) 2)

Documented UFO Sighting at Edmonton (southwest of) (Canada), AB (10/15/1952)

Documented UFO Sighting: 10/15/1952 – Good evening folks—What I am about to discribe is what I saw back in 1952, in an area that is about 75 to 80 miles southwest of the city of Edmonton at a place called pigeon lake. I was working in the oil fields at the time and we had shut down the ditching machine for the night. Now as you know after operating a machine like this all day, when it is shut down, the stillness you can cut with a knife. We were in an area that was clear of any objects, only low willows and rolling hills. The evening sky was clear as a bell, not a cloud to be seen, a typical fall evening. The time was about 17. 00 hours, the month was late sept or early oct. I cannot be sure. there was no oil rigs working in the area that we were at nor was there any flare pits burning anywhere near us. As we started back down the right of way that we had cut through, to get back to the half ton truck to go back to music by:

SECRETS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD Part 14 Feat Graham Hancock.

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