Stanton Friedman Extraterrestrial Craft are Real [FULL VIDEO]

Stanton Friedman “To reach a scientific conclusion about the reality of flying saucers requires the collection, review, and evaluation of an enormous amount of evidence. I have done so and concluded that some flying saucers are alien spacecraft, that the subject represents a Cosmic Watergate, that there are no good scientific arguments against these conclusions. The UFO debunkers ignore the large scale scientific studies, the numerous relevant highly redacted highly classified UFO documents, the numerous studies showing trips to nearby stars are feasible. Instead we are treated to proclamations of impossibility unsupported by evidence. It is well worth looking at the mountains of data. Science tells the story. We are being visited and are being lied to. Reality triumphs over fiction when science is properly employed.”
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Nassim Haramein The Connected Universe [FULL VIDEO]

Nassim Haramein presents a new picture of the physics that our world is developing; a picture in which information and processes are no longer isolated events, but are interwoven in a complex network of a Connected Universe. This new understanding has a profound impact on the way we think of ourselves, each other, the universe, and our relationship to it, and will undoubtedly usher technological developments that can only be dreamed of today. Understanding the mechanics of this fundamental structure and the dynamics that makes up its network is critical to our interpretation of the biological scale, the inter-relationship of the body systems, and the event of consciousness. Nassim Haramein will be presenting some of his latest results published in his paper Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass, where his precise prediction of the charge radius of the proton was made (confirmed experimentally since then). He will expand on this result and discuss the implications of such a discovery to cosmogenesis and its consequences to our daily life, from social structures to energy production and health.
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Kerry Cassidy Disclosure and Black Projects [FULL VIDEO]

Kerry Cassidy from “Project Camelot” is a documentary filmmaker/investigative journalist and well known radio talk show host of Project Camelot Whistleblower Radio. Her website Project Camelot is a leader in the alternative media sector, with a Youtube channel that has millions of viewers worldwide. She speaks at conferences around the world and has produced several highly regarded Camelot conferences with the trademark name “Awake and Aware” featuring key witnesses and researchers that are part of the Camelot history of interviews. KERRY’S BLOG has gone viral and become a must see news commentary space picked up by alternative news organizations around the world. Kerry travels the world conducting interviews and documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as authors, researchers and experiencers covering conspiracies, the secret space program, black projects, ETs, kundalini and ascension and free energy.
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Kerry Cassidy Alien Races and Black Projects [FULL VIDEO]

Kerry Cassidy conducts interviews documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as researchers and experiencers covering all aspects of reality both on and off planet. Kerry speaks at conferences around the world on the subjects of ETs, the Illuminati agenda, mind control, the matrix, prophecies, Kundalini activation and more. Kerry is an intuitive and spent years researching the occult and studying Eastern philosophy. While spending dedicated time in meditation, she linked her chakras in her 20s and has had multiple samadhi experiences since then.

Kerry developed the unique Camelot interview style now recognized around the world. Her feisty no holds-barred approach has become a trademark to what makes a Camelot interview different and powerful. She has pioneered an in-your-face guerilla style that captures the interpersonal dynamic as well as enables the viewer to determine whether the truth is being told, some facsimile thereof, or a lie. The camera reveals this in the facial expression, voice, tone and body language of the subject, and gives us added insight into what resonates and what does not. It reveals a candid picture of not only the person but also the subtle layers beneath. This encourages the viewers to pick up subliminal cues and ultimately come to their own conclusions, without being limited or misled by edited sound bytes, canned commentaries or misdirects.
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Steve Bassett Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Presence [FULL VIDEO] [FIXED]

Stephen Bassett says formal acknowledgement of the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race is no longer a bridge too far.

With the nation and world moving into new and troubling territory, Mr. Bassett will continue to work to create a broad based coalition within the extraterrestrial phenomena research/activist community capable of reaching out to the twenty million plus American citizens who are following the politics of disclosure with interest and concern. The aim is to form a political awareness of sufficient size to meaningfully influence government policies and actions leading up to and following the formal acknowledgment of the extraterrestrial presence.
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