Documented UFO Sighting at Edmonton (southwest of) (Canada), AB (10/15/1952)

Documented UFO Sighting: 10/15/1952 – Good evening folks—What I am about to discribe is what I saw back in 1952, in an area that is about 75 to 80 miles southwest of the city of Edmonton at a place called pigeon lake. I was working in the oil fields at the time and we had shut down the ditching machine for the night. Now as you know after operating a machine like this all day, when it is shut down, the stillness you can cut with a knife. We were in an area that was clear of any objects, only low willows and rolling hills. The evening sky was clear as a bell, not a cloud to be seen, a typical fall evening. The time was about 17. 00 hours, the month was late sept or early oct. I cannot be sure. there was no oil rigs working in the area that we were at nor was there any flare pits burning anywhere near us. As we started back down the right of way that we had cut through, to get back to the half ton truck to go back to music by: