XXX Olympics/Batman Killer Connection & Illuminati Clues (2012)

So, the Olympics didn’t “blow up” as many people believed may happen from reading the multiple “hidden messages” beforehand. But that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a lot of Illuminati tricks being played during the Massive staged ritual. Did you know there was a strange “connection” to James Holmes (the “Batman Killer”) during the Opening Ceremony? Our world is ruled by the language of signs and symbols, though most people just don’t have the “eyes to see” them. The shooting in Colorado is rife with mysteries and incongruencies. It is believed by many that it was a “sacrifice” while at the same time it was to be used as tool to ultimately disarm the American people (for easier take over). Check this out!

Illuminati Symbolism in Manchester, England Part 2

The second part of a series of videos exposing the hidden illuminati symbolism that is all around the Greater Manchester Area in England. This video includes Arch symbolism as well as their Pyramid obsessions – with eye opening Pyramids both hidden and in plain sight. For more information and opinion please visit my blog: e-mail me any pics or videos that you think I might be able to use in the future at:


There is a black box on these pictures taked by the Viking 2 Lander in 1976. There are many other anomalies on these pictures but I show you just someone. Images Source : Viking 2 Lander Informations : Music video : Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts 13


Strange forms which remind to a writing on this image taken by the Spirit rover. Source image anomaly : Spirit Rover SOL075 Music : Neurosis – Exist

NASA Mars Anomalies – Best Of (2009)

Mars anomalies and Mars life. Natural, Human or ET ? The Nasa know, but we?… Music : Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts