New Company SuperMeat, Lab Grown Meat, It’s Whats for Dinner

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New Startup company – Lab Grown Meat
New Startup company – Lab Grown Meat, labeled clean meat
Lab-made meat startup SuperMeat raises $3M seed to develop ‘clean’ chicken

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Turtle Treadmills, a Novel Test For Stamina

Treadmills aren’t just for New Year’s resolutions. Here’s how researchers are using them to measure sea turtle stamina:

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Lionel on the Anthony Cumia Show — Christmas Special 2017 CE

“It all began as a twisted dream.” Res ipsa, baby.


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Jeff & Dr. Tim O’Shea – What You MUST Know About Vaccines!

Please visit for news and information you’ll rarely see in the MSM! For free listening to Jeff’s live programs, go to This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 12-20-17 with Guest Dr. Tim O’Shea . Over 15,000 hours of programs with over 20,000 guests are available 24/7 in our Archives! Go here for easy, quick sign-up instructions

Logan Paul Japanese Suicide Forest Scandal | True News

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